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The Buccellati name has been known in the jewelry and silver world since the mid-eighteenth century, when Contardo Buccellati had a store in Via degli Orafi in Milano (today Via Orefici or Goldsmith’s Street).

Mario Buccellati officially started the present house in 1919. He took over the business of his relatives where he had started to work as an apprentice before World War I.

Since the beginning, the “Buccellati Style” won the favor of the most discriminating clientele, including the royal houses of Italy, Spain, Belgium and Egypt as well as the Vatican.

The business flourished and Mario opened shops in Rome and Florence before World War II; and in New York and Palm Beach after the war. Mario Buccellati had five sons; four of the sons, including Gianmaria, worked in the family business.

Upon the death of Mario in 1965, the business was taken over by his four eldest sons. The sons worked together until 1969, when they split to go their own ways. Gianmarie maintained company’s atelier and the production of jewels and silver. Working together with his brother Luca, who maintained the operation in New York, he set out to expand the company globally.

Buccellati still produces its jewelry and silver mainly in small workshops, with skilled artisans that are considered the best in Italy. This staff of more than 250 persons is uniquely trained in the style and techniques of the house. Many of the artisans are sons and grandsons that originally worked for Mario, which has created a closeness and “family” identity among these workers causing to remain for years and generations.