Barakat Gallery



421 North Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

(310) 123-4567


Monday to Saturday 10-6

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The Barakat Gallery is a fifth generation family owned and operated business, founded in Jerusalem over 100 years ago.


The Gallery is a purveyor of museum quality ancient art specializing in Classical antiquities, Near Eastern, Biblical, Chinese, Pre-Columbian, Byzantine, Asian, African and Primitive arts. They also specialize in ancient Numismatics and fine jewelry.


Their clientele is varied, including museums, corporations, private collectors and investors from all over the world.


For the past century, the Barakat Family has been fortunate to have assisted in the formation of some of the most important art collections in the world.

Walking into a Barakat Gallery is akin to entering another dimension. Inside, space and time, the present and the past, all merge together. The Barakat Family is dedicated to acquiring the finest masterpieces of ancient art from around the world. Their obsession has driven the collection to encompass the sacred relics of various cultures from Pre-Columbian America to the Khmer civilization of Cambodia.


When strolling through the immaculate Beverly Hills showroom, one will find themself traveling from continent to continent, from era to era, in a matter of steps. Ancient bronzes of Greek and Roman gods stand majestically opposed to African bronzes depicting kings and captives.